The Acapella Technologies Journey

In 1995, Matt Mercier embarked on a technology business adventure that would grow into today’s Acapella Technologies.

By leveraging his background in sales and marketing, Matt identified the evolving technology needs of his client base and moved Acapella from a company that was centered around web design to a company that solves the problems and addresses the challenges of small to medium size business through the implementation and management of technology.

Businesses throughout Central and Northern New England have discovered that the varied background and IT expertise of the Acapella Technologies team makes a significant difference to the success of their enterprises.

Acapella Technologies is privileged to have Matt Mercier at the helm of the company. His administrative backbone, corporate vision, and business growth strategy has served both our company and our clients well.

About business and technology, Matt has said:

“I believe that small to mid-size businesses are the primary growth engine of our economy. The proper use of technology can level the playing field to allow these companies to gain the competitive edge they need to ensure success.”

We believe that adaptability is critical to success in today’s business environment. We continue to be inspired to offer an extensive, ever-evolving range of services.

In Acapella, clients find all the aspects of IT support necessary for their businesses to achieve their goals of expansion and growth.

Our Vision

At Acapella Technologies, we are working hard to become the first choice of companies seeking IT services in the Northeast. For our valued customers we strive to provide:

  • Reliable IT that keeps your business running at peak efficiency
  • Cost-efficient IT that allows you to have predictable, budgeted IT
  • Continued IT services expansion – responding to our customer’s requirements

Our Mission

Acapella Technologies is dedicated to acting as a trusted advisor to our customers; an advisor, who by implementing, monitoring, and maintaining proven technologies in our client’s companies, facilitates a highly efficient and pleasurable work environment. Such an environment will contribute directly to profitability and morale for our customers and their employees.

In addition, we are dedicated to maintaining a workplace for our team that is enjoyable and is fertile ground for professional and personal growth and offers team members and their families a community that will enhance their lives.

Through the achievement of our Mission, we will honor God, our families, our country, our customers, our communities, and one another.

Matt Mercier and the expert team of Acapella Technologies want to be your trusted advisors and partners for every aspect of your business’ IT needs! To learn more about our IT services and support, give us a call at (603) 647-1784 or send us an email at [email protected]