Data Destruction

Whether your business is large or small, data destruction is fundamental due to the massive amount of sensitive data that you’re creating, storing, and using on a daily basis.

Why would you want to destroy data?

  • Customer’s Privacy
  • Company Proprietary Information
  • Regulatory Compliance

While some businesses will simply erase data or destroy hardware to render data inaccessible, these “data destruction” methods are ineffective and leave sensitive data intact and readable.

When sensitive data falls into the wrong hands, your business faces significant risks in terms of reputational damage, legal liability, and loss of customer confidence.

Acapella Technologies Can Guarantee That Your Sensitive Data Is Destroyed Properly!

We offer 5 secure methods of data destruction, including:


  • Can be done remotely
  • Enables reuse of a hard drive
  • Less expensive than physical destruction or degaussing for a small amount of drives

Cryptographic Sanitation:

  • Is effective, fast, and simple to administer
  • Can be done remotely
  • Enables reuse of a hard drive

Secure Erase:

  • Destroys data beyond forensic reconstruction
  • Enables reuse of a hard drive
  • Is scalable for onsite chain of custody
  • Automates audit log and certificate of destruction
  • Is compliant with new data disposition regulations
  • Requires no capital investment

Manual Shredding:

  • Is fast and effective
  • Enables reuse or resale of subassemblies
  • Can be inexpensive

Looking for an IT support company to help you eliminate the risks of data theft, legal liability, and reputational damage? Look to Acapella Technologies! Companies across southern New England trust us for their data destruction needs. Contact us today at (603) 647-1784 or [email protected].