Would Your Internal IT Staff Benefit From Outsourced IT Support?

Does Your Internal IT Staff Need A Hand?

There’s no denying the benefits of having an in-house IT person working for your business. Your internal staff knows your business, knows your team, and is readily available to handle any issues that crop up.

However, it can sometimes be difficult for a small IT team (or even worse, a lone IT person) to handle all of your technology needs. Even an internal team can quickly be in over their heads, either due to the sheer amount of daily maintenance tasks when combined with a project, or because they lack experience with or knowledge of a new technology.

Is Your Daily IT Maintenance Too Time Consuming?

Daily IT activities, such as patches, user helpdesk, adds, moves and changes, do not require a high level of skill but are necessary for IT teams no matter the business. As a result, you’ve discovered your growth projects have halted. All due, in part, because your IT team stays continuously preoccupied with keeping devices, the network and your security updated.

90% of IT work is handling tedious (yet nonetheless important) daily tasks. You can try to stay on top of it yourself, but if you miss even one day, it could lead to downtime or a cybersecurity vulnerability.

Is Your IT Team Out Of Their Depth?

A growing business means new and often more complex technology that can prove to be a challenge for internal staff. If your IT person takes a vacation or ends up out sick, it falls to your non-IT staff to deal with any problems that come up.

For example, let’s assume you’re relying on outdated and ineffective line of business software. As dependable as it may be (and let’s be honest, mileage varies) software like this has a core flaw – it only works for those who are fluent in it.

After all, it’s not that accessible if you’re not familiar with it. However, you know about new technologies, such as the cloud, can help you get past old line of business software.

You may know about the cloud, and you may want to use it for your work. But that doesn’t mean your internal IT team necessarily has all the knowledge they need to plan and execute a migration within a workable timeframe and under budget.

Enlist Extra IT Support And Expertise

No matter whether your IT team is overworked or in over their heads, the solution is simple – get the extra help you need from a local IT company like Acapella Technologies. Our team of experienced technology professionals can work with your existing IT staff to help pick up the slack, and keep your business covered when your IT staff is away from the office.

Don’t assume that this is just one step on the path towards getting rid of your IT team altogether. According to CompTIA, only 6% of businesses like yours that outsource their IT end up eliminating their entire internal IT presence.

Instead, you can augment your internal team with additional support from an external IT company. After all, managing IT can be a daily struggle. Your IT manager or internal IT staff will tend to spend most of their time just “putting out fires” one after another.

As important as that is, the constant stream of requests, troubleshooting, and maintenance tasks can keep your IT personnel from tackling the larger goals you have for your business technology, including:

  • Developing comprehensive IT security measures and practices to keep you safe
  • Major projects, such as migrations, upgrades, and relocations
  • Replacing servers and other fundamental hardware
  • Moving application workloads to the cloud

That’s why many businesses have opted to augment their internal IT staff with a little help from an outsourced provider. It’s a smart way to keep from overworking your staff.

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