How Does Cloud Computing Drive Growth for Manufacturing Firms in New Hampshire?

Here Are A Few Ways The Cloud Can Help Your Manufacturing Firm

IDC reported that the manufacturing industry would spend an estimated $5.18 billion on cloud computing before the end of the year. In addition, they expect that cloud enterprise resource planning software will increase from $19.1 billion in 2017 to $28.8 billion in 2028. That’s a huge increase. So why is the cloud all the rage for manufacturing firms? What’s the push to move toward the cloud rather than keeping everything on-premises? It’s all about achieving greater speed and accuracy – two very important factors in the manufacturing realm – throughout operations.

What is the cloud and how does it work?

The cloud refers to a network of servers that are used for data storage, processing, and management. These networks are accessible via the Internet – allowing manufacturing firms to access their systems, applications, and data anytime, anywhere. It’s much faster to roll out a cloud-based system compared to a traditional on-premises system. In addition, it’s much easier to scale up or down as needed in terms of new users, machines, and other factors. The cloud provider handles the maintenance, hosting, and updating for you.

What makes the cloud so powerful for manufacturing firms?

Many manufacturing firms struggle with outdated equipment. The cloud enables manufacturing firms to upgrade their equipment without a huge upfront cost – giving them access to greater, more powerful resources to:

  1. Enhance quality throughout every aspect of production as cloud-based applications can be used to track, analyze, and report quality status – avoiding defective parts before they even come into the warehouse.
  2. Boost manufacturing cycle times to minimize time between an order being taken and a product being finished via real-time visibility, supply chain integration, and various other factors made possible through cloud-based systems.
  3. Simplify reporting and compliance efforts through cloud-based applications that are able to produce federal device history records (DHRs) and minimize time spent preparing government and industry filings.
  4. Enhance supply chain visibility through cloud-based applications that take care of all tracking and traceability – saving you from costly, unpredictable expenses associated with product quality issues.
  5. Improve success for new product introductions because cloud-based applications can integrate into all levels – from product development to supply chain management – to give you greater product quality in less time.

The cloud gives you the power of connecting your shop floor to the rest of your manufacturing firm. This means all of your suppliers, partners, employees, and other personnel can refer to one platform for the most up-to-date, accurate information possible – allowing you to better serve your customers.

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