Considering Downsizing Due To Remote Work?

Minimize Corporate Downsizing By Harnessing Remote Work Capabilities

Are you planning a merger and need to eliminate overlapping roles? Or maybe, due to the pandemic, you need to reduce your organization’s size and scope in line with a lesser cash flow.

In either case, you’re looking for ways to streamline your operations, ideally, without laying off too many employees – do you know how to do so?

The Strategy Of Downsizing

Whether during a merger or strategic downsizing, it’s important to take stock and identify areas of waste that can be eliminated. Corporate downsizing often gets a bad rap, but if it’s done properly, it can refocus available resources and minimize the need to lay off staff members.

A key best practice in the process of corporate downsizing is applying available IT solutions and accompanying processes to reduce workforce redundancies. A key area of consideration for you is remote work.

What Role Does Remote Work Play In Downsizing?

Like all remote models supported by the cloud, hosting your data and having your staff access it remotely delivers a number of key advantages when compared to the conventional in-office working model.

Advantages include:

1. Minimal Maintenance: By hosting a user’s software, applications, and data externally in another organization’s server room or data center, the onus of maintenance is shifted to that organization. Instead of having to maintain server space, execute updates and patches, address and eliminate issues, replace failed hardware, and other tasks associated with maintenance, someone else takes care of it all.

2. Convenient Access: A hallmark of cloud solutions, one of the key advantages of utilizing remotely hosted solutions is that it allows for easy, anywhere access to software, applications, and data.

3. Cost Effect: Accessing software via a remote hosting service is undeniably more affordable because it allows the user to avoid costly software licenses that are based on a concurrent user model.

The Growing Popularity Of Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown countless businesses how beneficial remote work can be. According to 317 CFOs recently surveyed by Gartner, 74% say they expect to move previously on-site employees remote post-COVID-19.

The remote work model offers a number of benefits that you’ve likely taken notice of over the course of the pandemic. Remote workers have seen the benefits as well:

Remote work could be a way to limit the consequences of corporate downsizing – get in touch with the Acapella Technologies team to learn more.

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