Partner Spotlight: Get a FREE Printer or Copier + Repairs/Maintenance

Get a FREE Printer or Copier + Repairs/Maintenance from Cartridge World

One thing is certain: every business, no matter the industry, size, or the products and/or services they offer, uses a printer. But here’s the thing… Most people don’t realize how much they TRULY spend on costs associated with printing. No, we’re not talking about paper, ink, or toner. We’re talking about the often surprising costs associated with maintenance, repairs, and upgrades.

Get a FREE Printer or Copier + Repairs/Maintenance

Printing is costing you more than you think…

Did you know the average printer only lasts approximately 3-5 years? This is assuming you’re properly maintaining it, of course. Over time, the speed and quality of output starts to decrease. Another fun fact: IT departments spend an average of 15% of their time handling printing issues. This is typically due to a lack of proper maintenance or an outdated printer.

But let’s be real… Ink and toner can add up, too. Our partner, Cartridge World, is offering an incredible deal that saves you up to 30% on OEM printer cartridges and big box store toner prices.

Here’s how this incredible deal works…

You don’t have to buy or lease a printer or copier. Instead, their approach eliminates traditional hardware and maintenance costs, as well as upgrade costs, because they provide you with a business-class printer(s) and multifunction devices (MFPs) AND include all of the maintenance and on-site service.

That’s right… You don’t pay a thing, except your initial and ongoing toner cartridge purchases. All they ask is that you purchase your toner cartridges from them, and in exchange, enjoy the following:

  • Proactive toner delivery
  • Easy cartridge returns
  • No equipment expenses
  • Local onsite service
  • And much more

Do you REALLY need to take advantage of this?

Most business owners overlook printing challenges. Why? Because there are so many other things to worry about, right? But here’s the thing… Printing challenges sneak up on you and impact your business in a variety of ways:

  • Distracting your technology support department from other more strategic, important initiatives.
  • Stopping your staff members from working productively when issues arise and/or toner or ink is out.
  • Costing you more money than what needs to be spent on something as trivial as printing.

So do you NEED to take advantage of this? Well, we’d recommend it, especially if any of the following applies:

  • You know you need a new printer or copier
  • You have no printer service or maintenance solution
  • You feel like your technology support department is distracted with printers
  • You have old printers that need to be replaced
  • You have no scanning, faxing or copying capabilities

Go ahead and save yourself some money, time, and hassle…

Just get in touch with Cartridge World…

  1. Book a meeting with their team to discuss your options
  2. Enjoy less costs, more productivity, and greater efficiency

It’s THAT easy!