Guest Blog: Children’s Scholarship Fund New Hampshire

Alice Tuson needed to find a new school for her son. “Even in Kindergarten, Thomas was beyond accelerated, and as he got older, the teachers found it difficult to accommodate his educational needs. Although the teachers at his local school tried, the curriculum emphasizing standardized testing didn’t allow for rigorous academic or individualized learning. His teachers eventually encouraged him to study independently and take Khan Academy classes online.”

Luckily, Thomas was able to use a CSF Scholarship to attend The Beech Hill School, which provided the individual attention that he needed. “Because public schools in New Hampshire do not offer gifted courses, this was a great opportunity. Not every child fits into the standard curriculum that public school provides. Parents know their children best, and can best assess what resources they need to achieve their potential,” says Alice. “When Thomas got to The Beech Hill School, he noticed a difference right away. The core classes were very rigorous, his new classmates were eager to learn, and the teachers were very engaging.”

After finishing his middle school education at The Beech Hill School, Thomas is now on a homeschool scholarship from CSF New Hampshire to attend the Stanford Online High School, which is geared toward gifted children. He is being challenged every day. Andrew, Alice’s youngest son, is just starting his first year as a CSF Scholar in sixth grade at Beech Hill.

“My hope for my children is for them to both continue to be eager to learn, work hard, and achieve their potential. I hope they get a solid educational foundation, gain important skills, and become the best they can be,” says Alice.

Both Alice and her husband are farmers, and she believes the discipline they have has translated to their sons’ work ethic. “Even with the financial aid we receive directly from the school, it would be very difficult to afford our children’s tuition. The CSF scholarships bridge the gap and allow our family to be able to send our children to the schools that best fit them. It is a huge benefit for our children’s education.”

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Children’s Scholarship Fund (CSF) New Hampshire provides scholarships to empower low-income New Hampshire families to choose the schools that best fit their children’s needs.