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Managed Business Technology – The Top Insurance Agency’s Leverage

What is your competitive advantage? Unfortunately, the reality is that you sell much the same – if not exactly the same – coverage as the guy down the street. You don’t get big price breaks so that you can offer cheaper policies, and as wonderful as your staff is, their professionalism isn’t what brings customers through the door. So, what is your competitive advantage?

Insurance companies across New England are trying to get their piece of the pie while grappling with a flood of new compliance regulations. This is where our Acapella Technologies team can help you get the leveraged, competitive advantage that you are seeking.

While other agencies are secretly scrambling to keep up, Acapella Technologies can align your business technology with your needs and goals to get you ahead of the insurance market curve.

Your insurance agency faces more challenges than ever before. Increased competition amongst carriers and ever-evolving consumer technological expectations can be draining and frustrating. In this economy, it’s critical to work with an IT support company that understands your unique technology requirements and business objectives.

Our team of IT experts has extensive experience working with insurance companies looking to improve their bottom line while ensuring a competitive advantage.


  • Monitor your IT systems around-the-clock to prevent, detect, and resolve minor IT issues before disruption or downtime can impact your business.
  • Secure your network with managed anti-virus and firewalls to ensure protection against a wide-range of threats, including malware and spam.
  • Design a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan to ensure your IT systems and data are recoverable in the event of human error or natural disaster.
  • Provide on-site and/or remote support for IT issues to prevent productivity loss and downtime due to technology-related issues, concerns, or questions.

Acapella Technologies offers an affordable fixed monthly fee to keep your IT infrastructure up and running in a reliable and secure manner – without going over your budget.

Looking for a trusted IT support company to handle your technology? Look no further than Acapella Technologies! Contact us today at (603) 647-1784 or [email protected]