How Do Managed IT Services Benefit Manufacturing Firms?

Managed IT Services Can Benefit Manufacturing Firms

Industry 4.0 takes advantage of computers and automation brought to us during the third revolution in manufacturing – adding the cloud, simulation technologies, advanced data analytics, and more to create smarter, more capable systems that produce higher quality goods at a lower cost. Just a short decade or so ago, the way manufacturing firms operate nowadays would be inconceivable. So how do managed IT services benefit manufacturing firms? They enable you to take advantage of the building blocks of industry 4.0 to enable faster, more flexible processes, and ultimately, a more connected manufacturing firm.

Let’s take a look at what’s out there for manufacturing firms looking to embrace the latest revolution:

  • Cloud services that enable anytime, anywhere access to a range of important data and services
  • The internet of things that simplifies the way we use electronic devices for better management and control
  • Advanced data analytics that prevents defects in production and speeds up time-to-market
  • Augmented reality/artificial intelligence that automates difficult or repetitive, time-consuming tasks
  • Nanotechnology that brings faster computer processing to ensure super-precise manufacturing
  • Simulation technologies that mirror the physical world in virtual models for an improved end product
  • 3D printing that simplifies design-to-production with the creation of various components necessary

Lastly, we have system integration – the process of integrating each and every piece of hardware and software with one another to create a cohesive environment that helps every department function more efficiently. This is where an MSP really shines as they’re able to ensure all of your existing systems work well together, then help you integrate new systems, such as those mentioned above, seamlessly.

Acapella Technologies offers managed IT services for manufacturing firms in Manchester, New Hampshire. Call (603) 647-1784 to start embracing technology that helps you produce higher quality goods at a lower cost.

Since 1995, we’ve worked with manufacturing firms to help them leverage the right information technology to thrive. We’ve seen the changes in manufacturing technology over the years – and we’ve kept up with the advancements throughout each revolution to ensure we’re able to help our clients stay on the forefront of innovation. We’re familiar with all sorts of manufacturing systems, including:

  • Resource management software
  • Warehousing and stock control systems
  • Supply chain management software
  • Financial/bookkeeping systems
  • And much more

Our team knows how to leverage technology to enable a higher quality of management throughout all aspects of the manufacturing process. We know how to implement and configure the right mix of hardware and software to minimize the need for manual labor while making all departments run smoothly – increasing the quality of finished products at a lower cost.

How Do We Handle Cybersecurity for Manufacturing Firms Like Yours?

Naturally, cybersecurity is included in our managed IT services for manufacturing firms. Why? Because the average manufacturing firm has multiple points of entry into their network. Unfortunately, many manufacturing firms avoid investing too heavily in cybersecurity because they don’t want to interrupt their manufacturing systems that are responsible for production lines.

We understand the importance of each and every system working flawlessly, but we also know that cybercriminals are targeting manufacturing firms like yours to steal and sell intellectual property. That’s why we’re able to ensure the right cybersecurity solutions are in place to minimize the risk:

  • Perform an advanced penetration test to gather insight into any existing vulnerabilities.
  • Prioritize and deploy appropriate defenses to keep all entry points safe against threats.
  • Review existing protocols and procedures relating to the storage, use, and processing of trade secrets.
  • Restrict unauthorized access to trade secrets wherever possible to maintain control and confidentiality.
  • Educate staff members on proper best practices to help them recognize and respond to threats.

Let’s bring your manufacturing firm up-to-speed with the building blocks of industry 4.0. Call (603) 647-1784 to talk about our managed IT services for manufacturing firms.

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