How Often Do You Need To Replace Your Business’ Desktop Computers?

Updating or upgrading your business’ technology can be an expensive endeavor. Making the most of your IT budget requires planning out your purchases carefully, and making sure that your hardware is at the end of its lifecycle before you invest in a replacement.

The tricky part of this can be determining what the typical lifecycle of something like a desktop computer looks like. There is really no one right answer to this question. Hardware manufactures suggest upgrading your desktop every 2 years to guarantee that your computer is always functioning at peak performance. The consensus among tech experts seems to be that 3 – 4 years is the maximum amount of time a computer should be in use for.

How often your particular business needs to replace your desktop computers depends entirely on what their typical workload looks like. A front office computer that is used primarily for administrative duties, only runs a handful of programs or applications, and is used intermittently throughout the day will perform better for longer than a computer that is used continuously and has to run multiple programs simultaneously.

The workload placed on each individual desktop computer will determine how long it will function before the system begins to slow down and cause productivity issues for your employees. Performance level is the deciding factor. If your employees are stuck waiting for applications to load or software to run, they can’t work as efficiently as you need them to. The money you might be saving by continuing to use an older desktop can quickly be outweighed by the cost of reduced productivity.

The older a desktop is, the more maintenance it requires. Newer software isn’t always compatible with older operating systems. You’ll need to decide which is the less expensive option; paying for upkeep for your current desktop, or buying a replacement.

Speaking with your IT provider before you make a final decision can help ensure that you’re making the best one possible. The Acapella team is always available to offer insight and guidance based on our years of industry experience. We can ask the right questions, and help you find the options that suit your needs.

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